History of Shiaqga

& its effects on the immune system

The Native American Tribes of the Northern Plateau People of the Columbia River Basin have used the Shiaqga mushroom as an integral part of their daily healing regiment. Now this life-restoring gift is being shared with the world. The Native American wild Shiaqga mushroom is considered one of the most powerful weapons in protection against illness, disease, and ageing.

Assist your body to heal itself! "The modulation of the immune system is given when taking Shiaqga. I have seen the immune system increase over 4000% within 20 hours after taking Shiaqga. Over time the modulation of the immune system will start the activation of the body's healing stem cells." - Chief Man Found Standing, Medicine Man Practitioner

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Our Shiaqga is wild-harvested at its natural peak potency and extracted with ultimate care and patience to ensure maximum potency for fullest therapeutic value. 

 PLEASE NOTE: Our product is NOT formulated with the much cheaper 'Chaga Mushroom' that are extremely high in kidney damaging oxalates that many companies attempt to pass off as a substitute, marketing under 'similar names' to the true Shiaqga. ​Shiaqga contains many times the therapeutic healing components, like beta-d-glucans and germanium, of those found in Chaga. Also, when the Shiaqga mushroom is then super concentrated in its bioavailable liquid extract form, the therapeutic benefits grow exponentially. We maintain the highest and strictest standards at every stage to ensure every bottle is pure, unadulterated, with no 'extra fillers' (such as vegetable glycerin) that would in any way dilute and lessen the therapeutic effectiveness. 

 Our organic and wildcrafted essential oils are also grown, harvested, and processed according to the same highest standards above and are added to the extract in their pure full potency form, again, with no dilution or adulteration to ensure maximum benefits.

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